Dear Friends,

We are living in unprecedented times, and these are the sorts of times that the world needs a strong and compassionate church to help lead them through, bring encouragement, and preach the good news!

At Eternity Church, we have some wonderful ways we are continuing to preach the gospel, bring encouragement and care for our people and our community. Here is what we are already doing and then I will share the very exciting things we will begin on Monday.



Our weekend services are being broadcast LIVE on Facebook, Instagram and our website. You can interact with each other, and with our team LIVE in these services.


Pastor Lauren and I will be ONLINE live on my Facebook and Instagram every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:15pm. In this time we’ll be praying for you and encouraging you – and all my staff will also be online praying for you and encouraging you in these “Online Meetings”.


STARTING TONIGHT... Every Wednesday night at 7:15pm we will be BROADCASTING LIVE RERUNS of past Eternity Church sermons, specifically chosen by our team to encourage and uplift you. These will also have live, real time interaction with each other and some of our staff and volunteers. NOTE: Tonights RERUN: "Let my love open the door" will begin at 8pm, not 7:15pm, but all future RERUNS will be at 7:15pm.


We have launched a new page on our website to help maintain connection with you, and so you can let us KNOW how you are. I’d encourage every one of you to go to and fill out all the details to assure we have all your correct, and up-to-date information. If you are already in our system you will receive confirmation of the changes you make by email, please check that email and reply. We will be regularly calling and checking in on everyone who “Tells us who you are” to see if we can help you in any way, offer prayer, and provide support.


The Wild Youth will be LIVE on Instagram every Wednesday night at 6pm. Make sure your young people are following @TheWildYth on Instagram to stay up to date and encouraged by Ps Connor and the Youth Team.



On Monday a new page, will go live on our website… On this page you will be able schedule a 5 minute video call with a pastor. They will encourage you, pray with you and chat with you. You will be able to schedule calls for your kids with our kids pastors, youth with our youth pastors, and yourselves with any of our pastors. If you are stressed – schedule a call, if you just want to know someone cares – schedule a call. Maybe you just need a little boost, we’ll pray for you. Stay connected – schedule a video call.


Alright! I’m sending you a teaser right now – I can’t share the whole plan, but let me tell you that when hear about our plan for EASTER it is gonna blow your mind! We’re excited about this wonderful opportunity to preach the gospel in a seriously creative, albeit retro way! Can’t say more – but stay tuned for Mondays update.


- Go check out our website, familiarize yourself with it.

- Follow Eternity Church on Facebook and Instagram: @myeternitychurch for both

- Follow me on Instagram and facebook: @jessethenewman for both

- Plan on being engaged in as many of our online experiences as you can.



Please continue to PRAY for Lauren and I as we lead this amazing church through these extraordinary times, we really appreciate it, and we feel so uplifted and honoured by your prayers already, THANK YOU! Pray for the sick – pray for our church, pray for local and national leaders, and pray that people find JESUS in these trying times.


Continue to SEARCH for opportunities to serve each other. Serve your community. Serve your church. Make sure your neighbors see how blessed they are to live next to an Eternity Church member.


This is so important right now.

I cannot overstate the importance of your tithes and your offerings. Right now, more than ever, I need you to pray about increasing your giving if you are a regular giver who has some extra financial bandwidth. And for those who are not currently tithing, I encourage you to start tithing, and set it up recurring.

The very best way to give right now is to go to and set up recurring giving.

Another way you can do it right now, is by texting Eternity to 77977... You can start tithing, or give a little extra.


Firstly, because God asks us to tithe and we wanna honour him by not holding back our tithes (Malachi 3:10).

Secondly, because tithing releases Gods favor on our lives, and this is the exact season we want to unlock EXTRA FAVOUR. This is the season to LEAN INTO favour, it is not the season to lean out of favour.

IF YOU HAVE EXTRA FINANCIAL BANDWIDTH above your regular tithe, I’m asking you to do two things, increase your monthly giving, and give a one time large injection to our LEGACY FUND. It will make a tremendous impact on our ability to maintain all our services and campuses, and keep us ready to hit the ground running at the other end, with a full staff, kids and youth programs, worship teams and that EXTRA MILE sprit that we’ve always had.

We are an extraordinary church – and I believe that God will use this season to LAUNCH us further into the purpose and plans he has for us. We saw 1148 souls saved last year, we grew by hundreds of attenders. WE WILL NOT STOP TAKING GROUND FOR GODS KINGDOM

We will continue to see lives transformed by the extraordinary power of Gods grace and love. Souls will continue to be saved, and people will look to the church for hope and healing, more and more! WE NEED YOU to help keep us positioned for that LASTING impact!

THANK YOU – I’m so glad I pastor a church where these conversation are not difficult.


Share our posts, like our posts, tell all your friends about the ways the can find hope and encouragement by engaging with Eternity Church – BE THE PERSON WHO BRINGS GOOD NEWS! Get your friends and family to join our online services.

I love you also much, and want you to know WE WILL BE HERE FOR YOU all the way through this. We will not stop working to bless and serve you!

Thank you so much for your incredible support.

May Gods favour and healing be upon you, and may he richly bless each and everyone of you in Jesus Name.


Pastor Jesse Newman