Welcome, WE ARE Eternity’s 18 – 30 ish ministry.

At Eternity Church we believe that ministry happens best in Large and Small groups. As our church continues to grow and we continue to see our large gatherings getting bigger, we also continue to get the benefits of our small groups.

That’s why Eternity’s 18 – 30’s meet together for a great worship experience and inspiring sermons specifically for Young Adults on the first Tuesday of every month. The ‘Freidrichs Nitro Coffee’ is free!!! Grab an espresso, meet some great people and Love Your Life!

The GATEHRING happens at 6:30pm, and is located in The Chapel – an auditorium up stairs at Eternity Church.

Every other week of the month, Eternity’s young adults meet in small groups around the city of Des Moines and surrounding suburbs. This is where you will be able to dive into the word and be encouraged by some good friends.

Please click the connect groups tab to find a Young Adults connect group near you, and also be sure to come to the next GATEHRING at 6:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month.

We can’t wait for you to experience all that God has planned for you. Come enjoy a culture that is focused on creating a community of unconditional love and support.

Brandon & Erin McNace

Brandon and Erin both grew up in central Iowa and are parents to three young boys. They both love to encourage and inspire people to believe for more in their life. Because they know anytime someone meets Jesus that truly amazing things happen.

Want to serve in Young Adults?


“Dear God,
I believe that Jesus is the son of God
I believe that he died on the cross, for my sins.
I believe he rose again
To give me new life, hope, joy, peace, and everlasting life.
Please forgive me, for the things I’ve done wrong
You call it sin
Help me, to be, all that you designed me to be
In the name of Jesus Christ, I receive this new life