Lead Pastor

Pastor Jesse and Lauren Newman love the Midwest so much that they moved their family from Australia to launch Eternity Church at the beginning of 2012.

They live to see people meet Jesus and discover His relentless love and passion for them. Pastor Jesse’s passionate, illustrative and humorous preaching brings great revelation and understanding to scripture. He will inspire you to live your life in pursuit of God and all He has for you. Pastor Jesse believes that living with Christ brings hope, and joy into every life.

Shanna Kempers


Pastor Jesse loves to meet with anyone and everyone who attends Eternity Church, so all you have to do is contact Shanna, and she will get it in his calendar.

“Dear God,
I believe that Jesus is the son of God
I believe that he died on the cross, for my sins.
I believe he rose again
To give me new life, hope, joy, peace, and everlasting life.
Please forgive me, for the things I’ve done wrong
You call it sin
Help me, to be, all that you designed me to be
In the name of Jesus Christ, I receive this new life