We love people, plain and simple.  Part of our mission is to serve and share time with the people we connect with so they can experience the love to Jesus in their every day lives.  So, at Eternity you can expect to meet people who are excited to welcome you to our church.

If you are walking through a particularly difficult season of life right now, we have a team of people who are trained and prepared to walk the journey with you. Let us know, if this one on one caregiving would benefit you. Contact Care ministry. 

Jesus shared the most profound moments of his life with the people closest to him, and we desire to do the same. That’s why our teams dedicate themselves to opening their homes, hosting gatherings, paying visits, and sharing meals.  

Pastor Jed Spera

Ps Jed is our Eternity Care Director. Over time, as you hear him speak, preach, pray and lead you will feel his incredible passion for community and people. Ps Jed leads our Connect Groups, Eternity Care, and pastoral care needs at Eternity.

Want to serve in our Care ministry?

“Dear God,
I believe that Jesus is the son of God
I believe that he died on the cross, for my sins.
I believe he rose again
To give me new life, hope, joy, peace, and everlasting life.
Please forgive me, for the things I’ve done wrong
You call it sin
Help me, to be, all that you designed me to be
In the name of Jesus Christ, I receive this new life