Our Creative Arts team is dedicated to creating an atmosphere in which people can whole-heartedly worship God.  We love bringing our creativity and technology together to point people to the Creator.

We’re glad you’re here! We believe that coming together in worship is a powerful way to encounter God’s presence, and that God uses worship as a way to reveal His heart for us.

We start our services with energetic and passionate praise and worship, and strive to bring excellence in everything we do.  He deserves our best!

We believe in Jesus and we believe in you! Jesus connected with everyone he met, and he had an incredible way of making people feel loved and valued.  We want you to feel the same way after visiting Eternity.

Luke VanGorp

Ps Luke is our Creative Arts Leader. He is a gifted and world class worship leader who loves to raise up leaders and teach others to use their worship and creative gifts to lead others into the presence of God. Ps Luke is all about creating an ever increasing team of worshippers, musicians, and creative people at Eternity.

Want to serve Creatively?


“Dear God,
I believe that Jesus is the son of God
I believe that he died on the cross, for my sins.
I believe he rose again
To give me new life, hope, joy, peace, and everlasting life.
Please forgive me, for the things I’ve done wrong
You call it sin
Help me, to be, all that you designed me to be
In the name of Jesus Christ, I receive this new life